Horizon is a horn-infused band from the Chicago area. Performing party/dance oriented high-energy blues, funk and soul with a bit of rock thrown in.

Horizon has its roots in playing all around the midwest during the late 70's and early 80's. High Schools, Colleges, Fraternities in addition to the main rock clubs of that time - Haymakers, Nickle Bag, Studio 1, Captains' Cabin, Monopoly, Beginnings, Tee McGees, Thirsty Whale, Charlie Clubs, etc. (See the "Legacy Brass Rock" page for a detailed history of that band)

Horizons' current lineup consists of 4 of the original Horizon band members - Drums (Mike Marnul), Sax (Bob Kuntz), Trumpet (Dave Schiesl) and Trombone (Ralph Treccia); plus 3 previous "dupage" band members - Guitarist (Tom Witte), Bass (Patrick Dziallo) and Keyboards (Carl Johnson). Topping off the lineup is the soulful and engaging vocals of Ray Balkcom.